Monday, 23 May 2016

COMMUTER GLITCH: My First Short with Blue Zoo

Last summer, I worked on my first short with Blue Zoo. Commuter Glitch was a super fun concept. We created a piece of animation with a "pass the pose" mindset, or I believe the technical term for it is Cadavre Exquis’.

(one of my poses from the end of the film)
Animators signed up, and created poses of the lead character, an old man listening to his walkman. We all used the same locked off camera, then took it in turns to animate a few short frames making the character move between a start pose and end pose, and of course, due to the virtue of the whole piece, no one knew what anyone else was doing.

(one of my poses from the end of the film)

It worked kinda like that drawing game, where you draw a head, fold over the paper, and pass it to someone else to draw the body, then pass to someone else to finish off. To add a layer of complexity, each shot created was given to different lighters, to light however they wanted.

I didn't actually animate on the shots, but I created a series of poses with the character, that you can see flicker on screen at the end of the shot.

(one of my poses from the end of the film)
Joe, our director, wanted everyone who worked on the piece to be as creative and out there as we could. 

It was a really fun project to work on, as there was so much freedom to do with the character whatever we wanted. It was also really exciting waiting to see what the finish short was going to look like!

The result, a crazy and surreal animated adventure telling the tale of an old guy on a journey through public transport!

You can find a cool article about the project here!

Marc x

P.s. by the way, incase you can't click on the Vimeo link to check out COMMUTER GLITCH, you can watch it here on youtube...but if you can, go to Vimeo as the quality will be much better ;)

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