Thursday, 7 April 2016

Marc Godfrey's Animation Blog Starts Here!

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Here is my space where I will be keeping updates about my latest professional animation projects.

I used to keep a blog about becoming a 3D animator, and how I trained. I've decided to stop updating that, as it seems kinda redundant now...although I'm still learning, my "official" training is no more. It was set up initially as a diary of how my training was going and to document my route to becoming employed by a studio. I thought (and still think) that I didn't take the conventional career route (like many of my studio colleagues) by training for 3 years in animation at a university.

To try and cut a long story short, this is a bit more about my background: When I was at university, I studied Art and Theatre. I started a career in theatre, then fell into marketing as my "day job" to earn some proper money, then from there I saved up to take a part time evening course at Escape Studios to learn about Maya, and at the same time take an online course learning the art and principles of animation with Animation Apprentice. Then I was lucky enough to gain a spot on the 12 Week Character Animation course at Aardman, run by the National Film and Television School. Ta-daaah! It was here I was lucky enough to meet some animation legends, including Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Glen Keane and Richard Williams.

I've been working at Blue Zoo animation studios, in London for over a year now, so I'll be updating this blog with what projects I'm up to, links to my work and more exciting bits and pieces from a Junior Animator!

Marc x

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