Thursday, 6 July 2017

Animation Tutoring

As my wedding is now out of the way now, I've been able to find the time to jump back onto the bloggy wagon. I thought I'd tell you about something I briefly mentioned in a previous post... I've been working with my very first animation tutor, Alex Williams, with his online school, Animation Apprentice.

For a couple of years now, I've been working with him to create the school's newsletters and update our twitter account with the latest news and updates from Alex, but more recently I've joined the school as an online tutor too.

When Alex approached me to help him in the Facebook classrooms, I wasn't sure if I was ready. Had I been animating long enough to help others? After I thought about it, and taking Alex's own advice into consideration*, I took the opportunity. What the heck! I know the animation fundamentals, so let's see how it goes ( was also really lovely to have a fellow professional and someone I look up to, believe in me so much to invite me into their business).

I was surprised at how easily I was able to offer insight. I could spot improvements in the work of the students quite easily. It's really rewarding too; being able to offer suggestions and support on other people's shots. I feel like my eye is developing an extra level of critique, which can only be a good thing to help me if ever I become a Lead Animator, or Senior within a team. It can be challenging when you see someone's shot, and you know it's not very good, to deliver the feedback in a caring and supportive way to help them, and not make them feel belittled or foolish. I feel I'm pretty good at that, but you never know, some of the students might disagree...?!

If you're keen to learn animation, come aboard. It's where I started, so who knows where you might end up.

Marc x

*Something along the lines of: "Take every opportunity that comes your way"

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