Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Sausage Party Gate - Were the Animators Treated Fairly?

A hot topic amongst animation type social platforms have been the reports from the animation crew on Sausage Party, not being paid fairly, and not getting credit in the end titles. Check out the comments section of this report from Cartoon Brew to see what I mean.

I have so many mixed feelings on this. My first reaction was "gahd, cry me a river" and then, my reaction changed more towards a "gahd, that's terrible".

Having managed my own team of staff (sometimes up to 40, as well as being a manager of managers) for a considerable time, I know first hand how difficult some staff can be when things don't go how they feel it should. The work place can become very toxic, once people start feeling entitled, and let their ego over take their professionalism. I guess, what I mean to say is, why is it so important that your name isn't at the end of a movie? Sure, it's a lovely to see your name in the credits, but if it's not there, that doesn't take away from the fact that you did it. It also doesn't mean that you can't include the work you did on your show reel to show future employees. It's just an ego thing right?

If staff are being over worked, and under paid, then that's not good. However, if you're employed to deliver a service (which let's face it, is what every animator is), then bloody do it, and don't whinge about it. Put your head down, and deliver. Of course, easy for me to say, as I'm not in their situation, but I have read anonymous comments from animators who didn't suffer any stress or pressure to deliver their shots on time. It reminds me of a story a senior animator told me a while back, at their studio, the staff more or less went on strike as they were "made" to work until late to get their work done. When my friend was asked why he wasn't striking too, he simply couldn't, because he left eh studio at 6pm every day and.he.delivered.all.his.work.on.time. I wonder how many of those whingy Sausage Party worked spent most of their working day on facebook or youtube, instead of prioritising their work?

So, yeah, I guess I come from a place of bias, when I hear moany staff, to lean towards the side of the employer. However, of course, there are always employers who take the piss. It's finding that balance, I guess. Either way, I bet the Sausage Party studio are LOVING all the free publicity this controversy is getting them.

What do you think about it all?

Marc x

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