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What Does Brexit Mean for the Animation Industry?

What Does Brexit Mean for the Animation Industry?
Image used with permission © Francesca Adams
Unless you've been under a rock for the last week, you will of course know that the UK is facing a very strange time. The EU Referendum resulted in a 52% vote to leave the European Union. This is all well and good if you are a leave voter (of which, I am not), but the problem is, no one knows what this all means?

Apart from watching the GBP drops faster than you say "It's-Brexit-Bitch" what else will happen? Will there be international travel restrictions of some kind? Will we have to get different passports? And most importantly, as people who work in animation, will this mean it's harder for us to get work within other EU countries, and will our EU friends have trouble getting over here?

Much is still unknown (nice one, leave voters, thanks for that), although slowly but surely we are finding out a little bit more clarity amongst the murky aftermath of the toxic, political nightmare. We are finding reports and opinion on what exactly this means for all of us. Here are a few articles I've found that have been super interesting.

First up Skwigly online animation magazine, address the issue straight on: How Will Brexit Affect UK Animation Production, refering to many productions that may have not been made, had it not been for grants provided by EU money from Creative Europe UK. Somewhat worrying, right?

Secondly, another article I found interesting was from - a writer and producer, who also researches stats and data from film industry. His post How will Brexit affect the UK film industry talks very practically about the pros and cons of Brexit, so we can get a very rough guess of what could happen in the near future, or at least once Brexit actually happens.

Well, in these uncertain times of stress, fear and anxiety, let's be reminded about the wonderful things animation can bring...and what better way to do that, than by sharing this trailer, to a lovely looking documentary about how animation helped an autistic child communicate and lead a better life. A friend at work shared it with us, just as things were looking twistedly dark - so I hope this can bring you a little ray of joy amongst the impending gloom of a Brexit country...


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